Blonde Asian

  • 53x53"
  • 100% Featherweight wool
  • $275
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They say blonds have more fun? I say, blond Asians have the most fun.

The Blonde Asian Scarf by CJW x #BeAwesomeToSomebody is part of the FW’15 collection. The piece features drawings of all the tools it takes to go platinum blonde, such as: Clairol 7th Stage bleach, Olaplex treatment, Shu Uemura color safe shampoo, mixing bowls, clear wrap, and of course Lucille herself.

Lucille Javier introduced Christina J. Wang to #BeAwesomeToSomebody during these marathons of bleaching, conditioning, glossing: a program established by Lucille Javier and boyfriend/ stylist Mark Bustos to empower the homeless. When they're free—in New York or on vacation—the couple approaches the homeless by saying, “I want to do something nice for you today.” Their interactions could result in a free "salon" treatment with a cut, or it could result in a conversation followed by a "care package" consisting of the essentials (hand sanitizer, shampoo, and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

Partial proceeds benefits #BeAwesomeToSomebody