bride 2.0 giant

  • 53x53"
  • 100% Featherweight wool
  • $295
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The original bride scarf was inspired and created for my own wedding. The 2.0 version is back by popular demand requested by both brides-to-be and savvy wedding guests looking for the best bridal gift. The scarf features all the wedding day essentials. In addition to the dress, shoes, champagne, wedding and engagement bands, i also include the not-so-glamorous, but completely essential necessities it takes a bride to get through her big day including band aids, mints, a tide pen, and of course, Spanx to hold everything together.

When to wear: on the day of your wedding or it makes a perfect bridal shower gift for your best bride friend. This scarf can also be your "something blue" duh. Also looks great on dog ring bearers.

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