Netflix and Chill (Black) Mask1.0

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Duo layer up-cycled CJW Netflix and Chill Reusable Face Mask in Adult Size. Printed silk outer layer and lined in an ultra-comfortable cotton coated in an anti-bacterial finish.

Product Details
- Unisex: one size fits most adults
- Built in flexible plastic nose piece
- Soft over the ear loop for secure and comfortable wear
- Machine-washable and dryable
- Not for medical use

- 1 pack comes with 1 mask
- 4 pack comes with 4 masks in CJW signature reusable pouch

* Masks cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons

We're Giving Back
For each mask purchased, we will donate a mask to the following essential non-profit organizations: Chinatown Health Clinic Foundation and Bowery Residents' Committee.

Size: one size
50% Silk, 50% Viscose
Silk Blended with a touch of Viscose - our proprietary blended fabric is custom woven and so easy to love. Compared to pure silk fabric, our blend is shinier, and tends to pick up the color more vibrantly. Viscose silk will also give you the same luxurious feel, without the static cling.
The best part of our blended silk? It’s machine washable! Stronger than a pure silk fabric, ours can be cared for with a machine wash and air dry. Who knew a look so luxurious could be this easy?


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