Nadine Ghosn x CJW Pajama Set (M)

You asked for it... and it is finally here!
Jewelry sensation/burger queen Nadine Ghosn has joined forces with us to create the ultimate indulgence - silky pajama set printed with Nadine's signature burger and fries jewelry! The PJ set is guaranteed to be carb free and turn heads anywhere you go. The exclusive PJ set is available on our website only.
Fit: Relaxed fit, Debby is wearing a size S.
50% Silk, 50% Viscose
Silk Blended with a touch of Viscose - our proprietary blended fabric is custom woven and so easy to love. Compared to pure silk fabric, our blend is shinier, and tends to pick up the color more vibrantly. Viscose silk will also give you the same luxurious feel, without the static cling.
Dry clean only.
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Personalize with Monogram ($30)
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