Brooklyn Twilly

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Twill silk skinny scarf featuring CJW's favorite quintessential Brooklyn spots.

The scarf is a guide for BK restaurants: Peter Luger's for steak, Roberta's for pizza, Yuji's for uni ramen. BK activities: The dinner party at the Brooklyn Museum, cherry blossoms at the Botanical Gardens. BK sights: Fixed gear bikes, baby strollers, and of course, beards!

When to wear: Pull it out on a crisp fall day and consult the scarf for the perfect Brooklyn day.
Size: 53x3"
100% Twill Silk
Twill Silk - our silks are not your grandma's scarf. It’s a traditional fabric with a wow factor, silk picks up colors beautifully and vibrantly. We use the same silky touch as an Hermès scarf, but a lot more playful and fun!
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