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Bride Wool Scarf 53

Bride Wool Scarf 53

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Wedding season is here!

The best-selling Bride Scarf was originally designed for my own wedding in October 2016 and has been reprinted many times due to popular demand. This ultra-soft and cozy scarf features wedding-day essentials for every bride. In addition to the obvious (wedding dress, shoes, Champagne, wedding and engagement bands), this print also includes the less glamorous but completely essential necessities a bride's gotta have to get through her day: Band-Aids, mints, a Tide pen and, of course, Spanx to hold everything together.

When to wear: On the day of your wedding! It's just right for when the sun goes down and the air gets a little chilly. It also makes a perfect bridal shower gift for your best bride friend. Or use it as your "something blue"—duh!

The Bride scarf comes in our signature CJW reusable iridescent gift pouch (which will keep it pristine when you're not wearing it, too).


Materials & Sizing

Featherweight wool


Maintenance & Care

Store in the protective pouch it comes in, and watch out for zippers, keys, and jewelry. Spot clean with gentle soap and a soft white rag as needed; dry clean occasionally for a big refresh.

Shipping & Returns

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Playful in print, serious in quality

Playful in print, serious in quality

Playful in print, serious in quality

Playful in print, serious in quality