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NYC Bites Padded Pouch

NYC Bites Padded Pouch

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The CJW x The Carboholic collaboration is a love letter to New York City's gastronomic delights.

Selecting from an extensive list of favorites, The Carboholic (Rachel) and I narrowed it down to nine iconic NYC food items—ranging from the legendary lasagna at Don Angie's to the delectable babka from Breads Bakery. This curated collection not only celebrates well-known gastronomic gems but also shines a light on hidden culinary treasures such as Forsythia's Agnolotti. (You will need to purchase the set to see the full list!)

The NYC Bites Pouch is more than just a pouch—it’s a usable guide to the city’s culinary wonders! It’s a collection that stands out for its authenticity and connection to the city both Rachel and I call home.

The pouch is 11 inches x 7 inches (roomy!) and pairs an ultra-soft cotton exterior with a matching sage polyester interior lining. This NYC Bites pouch is as practical as it is adorable. With its roomy interior and lush exterior, your goodies are guaranteed to stay safe and secure on all your adventures. 



Materials & Sizing

100% Organic Cotton


Maintenance & Care

Wash on cold as often as needed and lay flat to dry.

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Playful in print, serious in quality

Playful in print, serious in quality

Playful in print, serious in quality

Playful in print, serious in quality